From/to airports
All airports are situated 10-20 km away from the city borders. There are several ways how to reach Moscow from airports:


1) Congress operator MESOL LLC can arrange the transfer from the airport to the Congress venue / your hotel and back.
Comfort (up to 3 pax) Volkswagen Jetta, Ford Focus, Mazda 3 and etc.    45 EURO per car for one-way trip.
Business (up to 3 pax) Nissan Tiana, Toyota Camry, Ford Mondeo and etc.   65EURO per car for one-way trip.


To book transfer, please fill the Transportation section in your Personal account.
Cancellation policy. Cancellation without penalty is possible till 12:00 (Moscow time) July 10, 2022. In case of late cancellation, payment does not return.
Payment. All services shall be paid completely till July 10, 2022. In case of not payment receipt to the specified date, all unpaid services will be canceled.


2) You can take a taxi (Yandex-Uber company is highly recommended) by calling from a special stand / special desk at the airport or by downloading the application to your smartphone. Cars arrive in 5-10 minutes. The trip cost depends on airport, the expected time of the trip and varies in the interval 20 – 35 EURO for an economy class. The price is fixed before your journey: it is either shown at the screen or told by the operator.


3) The cheapest, but easy and comfortable way is to take Aeroexpress train. The high-speed trains run to one of the railway stations in the city center. Travel time is about 40 minutes. The interval between trains departures is 30 minutes (1 hour from Vnukovo airport). Tickets cost 7 EURO and can be purchased at ticket windows, ticket machines or at the website. The working hours are from 6 AM till midnight.